The first micromobility platform built on intelligent electric vehicles and cloud tools. Our autonomous technologies enable safe and profitable shared fleets.

The first micromobility platform built on intelligent electric vehicles and cloud tools. Our autonomous technologies enable safe and profitable shared fleets.





12+ mo


24 hrs


Autonomous maintenance and vandalism prevention reduce annual capex



Vehicles report detailed work orders to expedite maintenance and maximize uptime






90 km


1 ms


The industry’s most efficient powertrain reduces charging frequency to 3-5 days



Embedded systems check component safety 1,000x/sec and apply instant protection

Vehicle Intelligence Platform

superpedestrian fleets vehicle intelligence platform electric scooter software operations

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On-board Intelligence


Embedded microprocessors monitor mechanical, electrical, and thermal systems to detect hazards in real-time and actively protect against failures.






Cloud-based Intelligence


Cloud learning systems automatically process component-level vehicle data and issue predictive and on-demand work orders.




Our Scooter

superpedestrian electric scooter design and engineered for safety and durability

Engineered for durability. Powered by Vehicle Intelligence.


Unprecedented Range


The industry’s most efficient powertrain with an 84 cell battery significantly reduces charging frequency.






Theft & Vandalism Protection


Integrated electronic lock, embedded CPUs, and sensors detect and deter abnormal use.






Designed for Safety


Real-time safety checks, active protection systems, and robust design deliver a safe and comfortable ride.






Profitable Vehicle Lifetime


Autonomous electronics protection and automotive-grade mechanical design extend vehicle life.





Fleet Platform Specifications

Vehicle Intelligence


  • OTA firmware upgrades for vehicle improvements

  • Real-time updates to comply with evolving regulations

  • Theft and vandalism detection, prevention, and reporting

  • Automated work order and maintenance ticketing

  • Battery state-of-charge and range reporting

  • Status monitoring for all electrical components

  • Powertrain component temperature sensing

  • Individual vehicle data logging

  • Geofence management system

  • Automated charging scheduling

  • Encrypted vehicle-cloud communication

  • Onboard component certification and encryption

  • Customer feedback and issue reporting integrated into the ticket management system

  • Fleet and Vehicle APIs

  • Mobile SDK for ground crew operations

  • Mobile SDK for reservation app


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  • 12+ month vehicle lifetime

  • 90 km battery (986 Wh)

  • 7 hour charging time

  • IP66 rated vehicle, IP67 rated electronics

  • 120 kg max payload

  • Front and rear independent mechanical brakes

  • Regenerative electric rear brake

  • Fully internal cable routing

  • Electronically-actuated lock-to mechanism

  • Central kickstand

  • 10 inch airless shock-absorbing tires

  • 25 kph (configurable)

  • Dual-leg front suspension

  • Programmable multi-color LED display ring

  • Programmable speaker and alarm

  • Integrated bell

  • StVZO rated lights and reflectors

  • German compliance ready

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum and industrial plastics




Engineered and designed by Superpedestrian,
a robotics company spun out of MIT.

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