Intelligence for mobility at scale

Superpedestrian Vehicle Intelligence platform

Maximize fleet utilization with the most reliable platform ever developed.

Superpedestrian’s Vehicle Intelligence system is a set of proprietary embedded computers integrated into our vehicles that maximizes vehicle life, minimizes operational costs, and maximizes safety.


We’ve identified the most common issues in micro-vehicles, and designed a system to diagnose and protect against them in real-time. If a vehicle does require hands-on servicing, it automatically reports the issue directly to the operator, reducing downtime to mere hours instead of days while minimizing maintenance costs.


Vehicle Intelligence also allows the operator to comply instantly with evolving regulations by controlling speed, power, and parking limits directly from the cloud – a single vehicle platform for any city.

Lowest operational costs


Long life: vehicles maintain themselves on city streets for approximately 9 to 18 months


Minimal battery charging: operate for 3 to 7 days on a single charge


Instantly comply with evolving regulations: control speed, power, and parking limits from the cloud

Vehicles purpose-built for sharing

Superpedestrian Vehicle Intelligence Fleet Electric Bike and Scooter

The first scooter powered by Vehicle Intelligence


  • Advanced battery designed to last 3-7 days on a single charge
  • Self-sustaining VI technology reduces the need for routine maintenance
  • Industrial-grade construction increases vehicle life
  • Approximately 9-18 month vehicle lifespan
  • Safer vehicle design and control protect both rider and vehicle from harm
  • Over-the-air updates instantly optimize for changing regulations and performance 
  • Secure cloud connection to monitor system health

The shared electric bike transformed


  • Self-sustaining VI technology reduces the need for routine maintenance
  • Award-winning ride quality designed by the  Superpedestrian team
  • Vandalism-proof construction
  • Over-the-air updates continuously optimize for performance and range
  • Industry-leading battery capacity means more rides per charge
Superpedestrian shared fleet Vehicle feature summary

Deep fleet analytics

Superpedestrian fleet operations web and mobile app

Vehicle data for business intelligence and operations

  • Automated service routing with smart daily inventory creation
  • Over-the-air control of performance and power limits
  • Instant compliance with city regulations across fleets and geographies
  • Data access via encrypted APIs and SDKs

Transform your fleet with Superpedestrian's scooter and ebike solutions. The new standard in micromobility EV sharing.

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