At Superpedestrian we work with ride-hailing and bike-sharing companies to create electric-bike fleets that provide optimal safety, reliability, and enjoyable riding experiences throughout the world. As the industry expands into e-bikes, scooters, and mopeds, fleet operators contend with the challenges of managing and maintaining large numbers of motorized vehicles.

Platform benefits


• Efficiently manage vehicles

• Maximize utilization

• Minimize the cost of fleet ownership

• Provide an unparalleled consumer riding experience

Fleet management portal

superpedestrian smart fleet management system optimizes TCO

Embedded diagnostic and protection


Onboard self-diagnostics modules in every bike track hundreds of functions and events real-time. If an issue is identified, the system immediately responds to the issue to protect the rider from harm and bike from failure, and report diagnostic status to the cloud in real-time. Bikes can also fix an array of issues via sensor self-calibration.

Remote updates to fleets


Our proprietary over-the-air update system allows fleet owners to update firmware on the battery management system, motor controllers and communications processors remotely for all units in the field, enabling maintenance and upgrades to the fleet remotely.

Deep data-driven maintenance planning


Detailed diagnostic data collected by all bikes in the field informs the maintenance system. Our proprietary smart dispatch service analyzes data from every bike in the cloud and tells maintenance teams exactly which bikes need updates. This allows teams to proactively and efficiently plan maintenance efforts before dispatch, minimizing time spent in the field.

Customized solutions to fit every fleet


This includes complete electric-bikes with customizable designs for docked and dockless fleets, a battery swapping management system, and a remote maintenance service. We also provide custom system integration with each fleet operator’s IT network.

Multi-user access


Our system provides varying levels of access to fleet units for guest riders, tech supporters, maintenance personnel, and fleet owners via a secured and authenticated user management system.

Superpedestrian’s electric-bike sharing platform sets a new standard in bike and tech integration.

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