Below, you can find a list of known bicycle compatibility concerns associated with the Copenhagen Wheel. Please review before purchasing. As all Wheels are manufactured to order, we will not accept returns of Wheels purchased for incompatible bicycles:

- The bicycle MUST have rear rim brakes. Disc brakes are NOT compatible with current versions of the Copenhagen Wheel.

- The bicycle MUST have a dropout spacing of 120mm (single speed only) or 130-135mm (single speed or multi speed).

- The bicycle MUST have a wheel size of 559mm (26”) or 622mm (700c). Other wheel sizes are not compatible with the Copenhagen Wheel.

- The bicycle’s drivetrain MUST be Shimano/SRAM compatible. Campagnolo drivetrains are not supported at this time.

- Multi-speed bicycles must have 7, 8, 9, or 10 gears on the rear cassette.

- Carbon, bamboo, and other non-metallic frames have not been tested for use with the Copenhagen Wheel and are not supported at this time.

- Extremely narrow or extremely wide angled chainstays may be incompatible with the torque arm or interfere with the rotation of the hub.

- Cycles with less than 2 wheels and more than 3 wheels have not been tested for use with the Copenhagen Wheel and are not supported at this time.

- Some recumbent bicycles/tricycles with chainstays non-parallel to the ground may cause issues with the Copenhagen Wheel. 

- Full suspension mountain bikes are NOT compatible with the Copenhagen Wheel.

- Some folding bicycles may cause damage to the Copenhagen Wheel when folded. 

- Cargo bikes weighing over 150kg may cause performance issues with the Copenhagen Wheel.

- Accessories on the rear of the bicycle may interfere with the Copenhagen Wheel. These accessories may include, but are not limited to:

  •      - Chain guards
  •      - Skirts
  •      - Pannier racks
  •      - Rear Racks
  •      - Kickstands
  •      - Fenders
  •      - Wheel lighting or other spoke-mounted accessories of any kind
  •      - Valve extension accessories of any kind
  •      - Child carriers
  •      - Tag-along, or trailer-type attachments
  •      - Other accessories that mount to the rear portion of the bicycle, particularly the axle.


- Other wheeled (or non-wheeled) vehicles such as wheelchairs, paddleboats, wheelbarrows, wagons, etc have not been tested and are not recommended for use with the Copenhagen Wheel.


Last updated October 10, 2017.