The following Superpedestrian products are protected by one or more of the following patents in the U.S. and elsewhere. This patent marking registry is believed to reflect accurate information as of the date this page was last updated, however, it may not be all-inclusive, and other Superpedestrian products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents. If you have any questions about this list, please contact Superpedestrian at

Last updated Oct 25, 2017





- U.S. Patent 9,027,681C1

- U.S. Patent 9,636,992

- U.S. Patent 9,636,993

- U.S. Patent 9,669,699

- U.S. Patent 9,669,700

- U.S. Patent 9,701,190

- U.S. Patent D791,023

- European Design Registration 2705061

- Japanese Patent JP5922583-B


Published Applications

- US application 2015-0210350-A1

- US application 2016-0009169-A1

- US application 2016-0009179-A1

- US application 2016-0009223-A1

- US application 2016-0009293-A1

- US application 2016-0009335-A1

- US application 2016-0009336-A1

- US application 2016-0009339-A1

- US application 2016-0011003-A1

- US application 2016-0011598-A1

- US application 2016-0011599-A1

- US application 2016-0012652-A1

- US application 2016-0012723-A1

- US application 2016-0014205-A1

- US application 2016-0014252-A1

- US application 2016-0075175-A1

- US application 2016-0075177-A1

- US application 2016-0075226-A1

- US application 2016-0082772-A1

- US application 2016-0243927-A1

- US application 2016-0304158-A1

- US application 2016-0307376-A1

- US application 2016-0355233-A1

- BR application BR 11 2012 013491 4 A2

- CA application 2782715

- CA application 2943454

- CN application CN102781768A

- CN-HK application 1178859A

- CN-HK application 1216520A

- EP application EP2507123

- EP application EP3126184

- JP application JP2016-155549

- PCT application WO 2011/069136

- PCT application WO 2015/154046

- PCT application WO 2016/086057


Additional patents may be pending in the U.S. and elsewhere.

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