Copenhagen Wheel closeup

The most advanced e-bike technology keeps getting better

The Copenhagen Wheel already gives you access to advanced technologies that exist on no other other vehicle or electric bike. Moreover, the Wheel keeps improving over time.

With over-the-air updates, Superpedestrian expands the limits of technology, introducing new features that enhance your riding experience — from super-boosting your electronic brakes to an increased riding speed. All you need to do is update the firmware on your Wheel — the hardware stays the same.

Here's a look at our latest features available by firmware and app updates.


Braking Assistance

We’ve overhauled our Regenerative Braking feature and boosted the Wheel’s braking performance to introduce Braking Assistance, the world’s first active braking assistance on a bike. When you backpedal, the Wheel captures energy and sends it to the battery.

Braking Assistance is great for slowing down at stop signs and regulating your speed in traffic without relying solely on your handbrakes. It’s the most intuitive way to brake on an e-bike.

25 MPH Speed Limit

With a software update, we’ve unlocked more of the Wheel’s power for you. Now you can ride up to 25 MPH without breaking a sweat. Enable the 25 MPH speed limit in the mobile app. Available in the U.S. and Canada only. Those hills never had a chance.

Test ride the Wheel

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