Intelligent Operating System for Fleets



Embedded firmware, micro-computers, custom powertrain, and sensors provide autonomous decision-making and diagnostics on the vehicle.


Real-Time Autonomous Protection


Vehicles instantly detect the 100 most common scooter malfunctions and react in 0.2ms to protect riders and extend vehicle lifetime.





Onboard Decision-Making


Vehicles automatically adjust performance based on component health and location. Onboard geofencing improves speed, power, and parking compliance.


Automated Service Ticketing


Vehicles autonomously trigger ticket generation when service is required. Smart service routing optimizes work orders via the service app.





Theft & Vandalism Detection


Vehicles identify and respond differently to each sub-category of theft and vandalism, reducing fleet turnover.



Secure vehicle-to-cloud communications enable OTA controls, predictive maintenance, and remote diagnostics on the cloud.


Predictive Maintenance


Cloud learning algorithms synthesize demand, geography, and vehicle data to predict maintenance and charging needs, and automatically generate tickets before failures can occur.





OTA Upgrades and Commands


Targeted firmware updates extend hardware lifetime, enable compliance in an evolving landscape, and constantly improve rider experience.


Unprecedented Security


Industry-leading encrypted communications and secure onboard component authentication provide advanced threat and counterfeit protection.