Superpedestrian Inc


Superpedestrian is a transportation robotics company located in Cambridge, Mass. Founded out of MIT and beginning operations in 2013, Superpedestrian develops core technologies for micro-mobility. The company invested 3.5 years in research and development to produce its Vehicle Intelligence technology, which it introduced into the market in 2017 with its award-winning Copenhagen Wheel. Having set a new standard in electric bike drive systems, the company now brings its Vehicle Intelligence technology to shared fleets of electric bikes and scooters.


Our first product, the Copenhagen Wheel, is the first human-enhancing transportation technology available to the mass market. Almost any bike can be equipped with the Copenhagen Wheel, which senses the rider’s motions and amplifies their pedaling power by up to 10 times using the drive system embedded within the sleek red hub.


With the explosion of micromobility demand we have developed a transformative set of electric vehicles for large shared fleets. Combining rigorous vehicle design with self-sustaining capabilities and minimal battery charging needs, the new scooters are safer, sturdier, and cost a fraction to maintain. Superpedestrian’s solution addresses the most pressing problems faced today by operators, which experience significant barriers to scale due to low reliability and high operational costs of fleets.

The Team


The Superpedestrian team is comprised of some of the most talented designers, developers, and engineers ever assembled, all focused on transforming the future urban mobility. 





Assaf Biderman

Assaf is the founder and CEO of Superpedestrian, and co-inventor of the Copenhagen Wheel. He is also the Associate Director of the MIT Senseable City Laboratory, a research group examining how new technologies enable solutions for pressing urban challenges. Assaf’s work explores how distributed and embedded technologies can improve urban livability and create a more sustainable urban future.



Gil Arbel

A 25 year industry expert, he brings experience in product management, channel and business development, marketing and global operations. Led small and large businesses in companies such as: CA Technologies (Computer Associates), Cheyenne, Sapiens and FalconStor. Results driven, he helps the team successfully strategize and execute.



Eric Barber

Previously led the engineering group for a high-end engineering services company that specialized in development of advanced technology mobility solutions.



James Simard

James, previously was part of the Titanoboa team, a 50ft wirelessly controlled robotic snake weighing 1 ton, and worked as an electrical technician for UBCs acoustics labs.

Jeff headshot.jpeg


Jeff Gerlach

His background in industrial and interaction design with experience working in design strategy consulting, and mobility led him to Superpedestrian. Previously he designed experiences at Zipcar and Frog Design. Currently he leads our design team. 



JD Heinzmann

JD is trained as a mechanical engineer with emphasis on automatic control systems. Over the last 18 years he has been focused on the development of the electric propulsion systems for the iBot stair-climbing wheelchair, the Segway Personal Transporter, and the Harvest Automation decorative plant- moving robot.



Nili [Onili] Ohayon

Nili, onili, is a singer, producer, and videographer. She performs worldwide and releases music & videos continuously. She is Superpedestrian’s artistic director, managing product image, and public outreach.



Ryan Schneider

With prior expertise in product management and materials engineering at 3D Systems, he has a breadth of knowledge allowing him to understand the entire product, its features and how it will benefit the customer. Currently, developing replicable processes to solve and avoid product-centric issues.



Ed Thomas

Prior to joining Superpedestrian he worked as a bicycle mechanic at Harris Cyclery. He's an expert mechanic, but his skills extend far beyond the workstand. His interests and skills are wide ranging as showcased by his enthusiasm tackling challenging and fulfilling projects.



Marybeth Whitney

With a background in administrative services, she continues to leap into new technologies feeding off the energy and excitement of getting the first version out the door. Believing that there are no problems, only situations that need to be resolved keeps Superpedestrian moving forward.



Ryan Nutile

Previously at Lutron Electronics, Ryan joined Superpedestrian as an embedded software engineer with experience in the IoT space. When he's not busy telling rocks what to think, Ryan can be found rock climbing, digging through Spotify for new sounds, and hunting for better buffalo wings.





Paulina Koroschetz

Paulina is an enthusiastic creative thinker who is interested in new technologies and enjoys working with clients. She joined Superpedestrian after working for 5 years in the online marketing industry in Germany. Paulina loves the simple design of the Wheel and enjoys moving through busy city streets on her beloved white bike without being stuck in traffic.



Nate Typrowicz-Cohen

After first joining the team as a bike mechanic, Nate transitioned to the mechanical engineering department upon finishing school. His knowledge of bicycles helps inform both the design and testing work that he does as a member of the mechanical team. He also occasionally graces the front page of the Superpedestrian website as one of our models.



Jon Leehey

A systems engineer focused on power; from power electronics to energy storage to alternative energy technologies all the while finding and solving issues due to hardware, firmware or user errors.



Goss Nuzzo-Jones

Prior to joining Superpedestrian, Goss was a principal software engineer for Runkeeper. He now brings his dry wit and experience in mobile app and backend development to his work with the Copenhagen Wheel. He is also known as the Lord of Lunch.



John Allwein

Experience managing finances at a number of venture backed tech companies. With a diverse skill set he engages with engineering and marketing teams to develop financial plans.



Andrew Mandelbaum

Before joining Superpedestrian, Andrew studied mechanical engineering and worked in patent law. Enjoys any problem that forces him to learn something new and is excited to get the chance to help change the way we move around cities.



Erin DiPersio

Erin arrived at Superpedestrian after completing her Undergraduate degree in Business Administration at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Here, her customer service experiences are being put to work as as she duels the Events and Customer Service teams.



Cailin Doran

Cailin Doran finds great joy in getting bike guys to talk about musicals. She has a Masters Degree from the Boston Conservatory, and has spent years in high-end customer service. She will be the first person to notice your new haircut, and is unafraid to sit on the floor and talk about feelings.



Shana Leshko

Shana joined Superpedestrian after managing ecological research for Grove - an agriculture startup. She is passionate about sustainability, puppies, and color-coded spreadsheets. When not supporting our CEO, she can be found cooking or tending to one of her many houseplants.



Giovanni Berlanda-Scorza

Giovanni Berlanda-Scorza joined Superpedestrian after ten years of work on data acquisition for embedded IMU devices (Xsens) and jet engine testing (GE Aviation). When not testing current and future products, he stays busy with a wife, two children, and many home improvement projects.



Horatio Yuxin Han

Horatio Yuxin Han is an award winning designer-tinkerer who adventures through the strange worlds of technology and design. Before he joined Superpedestrian, he taught machines to draw portraits, designed robots that interact with humans, and built lighting that appears to float in thin air.



Chris Amory

Broad background with extensive experience in manufacturing, engineering, operations and supply chain management and have successfully managed many projects from sourcing wind turbine components to setting up production facilities in China and Turkey.



Matt Cole

After helping to build the embedded software team at ClearMotion (nee Levant Power) Matt joined the team to help write Superpedestrian's on-board wheel code. He is an experienced embedded software engineer who has worked in automotive, consumer electronics and telecommunications. After graduating from WPI he has worked for a number of startups in his career.



David Michael

David began his love of mechanical engineering when at the age of 12 he rebuilt the carburetor on his mom's car. Since then, he's designed everything from hard drives for computers to fuel cell systems. He leads the mechanical engineering team at Superpedestrian, and is delighted to work with so many creative, smart and dedicated people.



Joe Hermann

As a software engineer with experience in full-stack web development, Joe brings his passion for problem-solving and a discerning ear for hip hop to the team at Superpedestrian.



Vishal Rao

Vishal is a recent graduate of Northeastern University. Since joining the team as a web developer, he has spent an inordinate amount of time (unwillingly) building Drupal widgets and stubbornly rebasing rather than merging. He enjoys board games, ramen and hard cider.



Sam Dushay

Sam came to Superpedestrian from SyncOnSet, where he helped make movies and tv shows.  He is a full stack web developer who enjoys solving problems in clever and re-usable ways. Sam loves udon noodles and science fiction/fantasy novels, but hates climate change.



Sam Letcher

Sam is a Massachusetts native and Northeastern Alum who has a strong affinity for craft beer and nerf guns. He's a sensitive Cancer who often yells at his computer while optimizing the Android user experience.



Will Lendway

Will Lendway is a proud Nantucket native. After studying engineering and traveling the world, he still likes to get his hands dirty in our bike workshop. Will spends his spare time cooking, gardening and bringing island flavor to our frigid Cambridge HQ.



Corey Fraser

Previously with Panera Bread, Corey is an Android developer who works on all aspects of our Android app.



Dave Goldberg

Dave is a firmware engineer with a project portfolio ranging from active suspension systems to brain implants. He brings to the team a passion for building products that sense and react to the world around them. You can often find Dave in the mountains skiing and climbing

Christy Jensen


Christy Jensen

Christy is a bike industry veteran with extensive experience working on both the OEM and retailers sides, working for such companies and Specialized Bicycles and Competitive Cyclist.  She manages partner accounts here at Superpedestrian and one of the friendly and knowledgeable faces you'll see at our offsite demo events. When she isn't in the office she enjoys riding bikes off-road and craft beverages. 



Sneha Chitte

Sneha comes from the background of Software Development and Management in IT, she enjoys and has experience in developing impactful products for organizations. Besides identifying as an AI enthusiast, she’s a Ravenclaw and the proud owner of a ’11" Unicorn hair core Laurel Wood’ wizard wand.



Kevin Cullinane

Kevin came to Superpedestrian from Tripadvisor, where he was a Systems Administration Engineer. He is the head of IT and Site-Ops, where he uses his love of problem solving and emerging technology to tackle the constant stream of issues that arise in the modern startup environment. He also doesn't care if it works on your local.



Ian Clark

Ian is an Engineer who joined Superpedestrian after 13 years in the trucking industry developing advanced active suspension systems. He has 55 years of experience working on anything with wheels. Ian is a proud owner of many homemade toys including a car, a boat and an airplane. He’s logged 3500 miles and 750 trips on the Copenhagen wheel so far.



Dave Christianson

Dave came to Superpedestrian from Bose, where he worked on active suspension systems and helped design consumer electronics. He's had a passion for all things transportation since childhood, and is excited to create greener (and more fun) ways to get around our cities. Outside of work, Dave's on the hunt for powder days and tasty burritos.



Mike Sandmann

Mike is a manufacturing engineer that has always loved taking things apart and putting them back together. He previously worked at robotics, automated fulfillment and fuel cell companies, focusing on developing robust production processes through continuous improvement.



Tom Brendlinger

Tom is an Electrical Engineer with a background in robotics and automotive systems. His specialty is taking science projects and turning them into manufacturable products. When he's not herding electrons, he can usually be found using a table saw to turn wood into sawdust.



Martin Pitwood

Has worked as an emerging technologies leader for several startups in fields such as cellular communications, consumer robotics and marine electronics. He is now Director of R&D at Superpedestrian and focusing on adding the support systems needed for fleet operations while maintaining a healthy paranoia about IoT security and personal privacy.



Juansi Vivo

With more than 10 years of international experience in the cycling industry, working at some of the top bike brands, Juansi has spent considerable time developing new markets and helping set customers up for success. Now, he is convinced more than ever that bikes will help everyone to enjoy a better life and that e-bike mobility will specifically bring solutions for the problems major cities are currently facing.



Andy Griffin

Andy is a UMass Amherst Alumnus and experienced embedded software engineer, with a history in wireless communications and motor control.  When not at work, he likes to ride his bike off-road and preferably down a mountain.



Mike DiNicola

Mike is a mobile app developer focusing on iOS. He’s interested in wearables and other forward-looking technology such as VR and AR. He joined Superpedestrian after working on consumer mobile apps at Idemia Identity & Security.



Noah Swartz

Noah worked in venture capital before joining Superpedestrian, where he now applies his analytical and investing experience to help drive the company's Business Development efforts.

ian Cropped.jpg


Ian Schwartz

Before becoming a web developer, Ian graduated from Berklee College of Music. He writes JavaScript and knows that “1” + 1 ==  “11”. He often comes to work with his greyhound Maddie, although her code is pretty much unreadable.




Maddie is a social media aficionado. Travel evangelist. General problem solver. Friendly pop culture fan. Zombie scholar. Professional food fanatic. Proud internet nerd.



Kade Colen

Kade is a member of the mechanical engineering team at Superpedestrian and an aspiring wizard in the realm of design. In his free time, Kade finds great joy in transmogrifying neglected 90's mountain bikes into unique, highvol grocery-getters.



Ilya Sinelnikov

Ilya joined the product team after co-founding and leading product at — the first car rental marketplace built on shared economy principles. He brings diverse expertise in product launch, business development, UX/UI and project management. Ilya is an advocate for micromobility and accessible urban transportation.

Strategic Advisors



Carlo Ratti

An architect and engineer by training he practices in Italy and teaches as Director of the MIT SENSEable City Lab, he is a co-inventor of the Copenhagen Wheel.



Antonio Bertone

Previously Chief Marketing Officer and board member at PUMA, he brings over 20 years of passion and experience in brand management and marketing expertise to everything he does.