The first micromobility platform built on intelligent electric vehicles and cloud tools. Our autonomous technologies enable safe and profitable shared fleets.




Safety from the inside out. Active vehicle monitoring, self-protection technologies, and robust mechanical design keep riders safe.



Our Scooters

Designed from the ground-up by in-house engineers.

superpedestrian electric scooter design and engineered for safety and durability




1 ms


0.7 s


Patented VIS runs checks every millisecond and applies instant protection



Pioneering onboard geofencing protects riders and pedestrians alike





Ride lifetime

61 mi




The industry’s most efficient powertrain lets riders go farther on a single charge



Vehicles are built to last over 2.5K rides, reducing waste for a healthier planet

Vehicle Intelligence System (VIS)

superpedestrian fleets vehicle intelligence platform electric scooter software operations

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Engineered and Operated for Cities

Instant Geofencing


Onboard geofences enforce no-ride, slow-ride, and no parking zones in under 0.7 seconds - no cellular service needed.

Local Compliance


We put cities first. Our company has 12+ years of experience operating compliant fleets in the public right-of-way.


Dual Maintenance


VIS monitors vehicle health in real-time, and removes unsafe vehicles from operation. Highly-skilled mechanics address physical issues.


Theft and Vandalism Detection


VIS identifies unauthorised use, abusive movement, and impacts, and auto-reports tip-overs to our local team.