Albert's story

Albert is an artist who works in Palo Alto and lives in San Francisco. He stopped biking in San Francisco because the hills were too crazy. Now he rides everywhere with his Copenhagen Wheel.

Albert with his Copenhagen Wheel e-bike

It's pure bliss


We caught up with Albert at his home in San Francisco.

SP: Why did you get the Copenhagen Wheel?

Albert: I used to bike through the winter in Boston before moving to San Francisco and then stopped biking because the hills are too crazy! Other electric bikes were tempting, but just plain ugly. The Copenhagen Wheel and my shiny new Fuji Feather are a complete dream! Now I ride everywhere and it has changed my life! It couldn't be better.

SP: Do you get any comments about the Wheel riding around town?

Albert: At least twice a day a stranger asks me – "What kind of wheel is that?" I always pour my heart out in explaining how incredible the Wheel is. I give test rides to the extra lucky!

SP: What’s the best reaction you’ve seen so far?

Albert: The best reactions are literal jaw-drops when I say it's an electric bike. People can't believe it's all contained inside the hub. Everyone loves it.

SP: Has the Wheel made a difference in your daily life?

Albert: I was hit by a car in Boston and suffered permanent knee damage. It's not so bad, but I get sharp pain from biking and hiking too long. The Copenhagen Wheel has taken that pressure off my knee and allows me to bike everywhere again! Even in a neighborhood of San Francisco that is home to some of the steepest hills!!! I even do my grocery shopping on my bike! 

SP: What's the riding experience like?

Albert: The Wheel will change your life. It’s better to have the experience of riding a bike while relaxed and not completely oxygen deprived and panting. I bike everyday now. It's pure bliss.

SP: What would you tell people who are thinking about getting the Wheel?

Albert: This bike has changed my life. Seriously! This is not a bike. It's not a motorbike. It's not a combination of the two. It is in it's own realm. It's INCREDIBLE!

Put more bliss on your bike

Add more bliss to your cycling experience with the Copenhagen Wheel and go tackle some hills.