Eduardo's story

Eduardo is a passionate urban commuter and a perfect example of “be the change you want to see.” He thinks a lot about how to make cities more livable and more equal. 

He wanted to be green and ride his bike as often as he could, but he needed to wear a suit to his job at city hall, so he'd arrive dripping in sweat. He resorted to using his car.

Two months after he got the Copenhagen Wheel, he sold his car.

Eduardo rides his Copenhagen Wheel

I don’t use Lyft or Uber as often, and never use a car now.


We caught up with Eduardo at his place in LA, where he’s studying for his Master’s in urban development.

SP: How has the Copenhagen Wheel changed your daily life?

Eduardo: I don’t use Lyft or Uber as often, and never use a car now. I think I’ve only used a car twice since buying the Wheel.

SP: So you use your car less?

Eduardo: Oh yeah, way way less.

SP: Describe riding with the Wheel

Eduardo: The Wheel just kinda knows how fast you want to go. It’s very intuitive.

SP: Do you let anyone else try it?

Eduardo: Yes. My friends mostly, but sometimes when I go to some biking events I’ll let other people ride the bike if they look friendly or trustworthy.

SP: How do people react?

Eduardo: Almost a unanimous “wow” and they ask how fast it can go and for how long — after I let them know (the top speed is 20 MPH and it gets up to 30 miles per charge) they say they want to buy one!

SP: How would you describe the Wheel?

Eduardo: Dude, the Wheel is going to change the way people move around. I think this is the next big thing! I feel like if a lot of people own this thing, it would just change everything. 

Be the change you want to see

Get the Copenhagen Wheel. You'll ride more and drive less.