Eric's story

Eric works in financial operations for the U.S. Navy in San Diego. He loves to run, ski, and bike, and spend time with his kids, leading a healthy active lifestyle.

Eric's commute had a few miles of tough hills he dreaded every day. Sometimes, his motivation wasn't there and he would drive instead. Now, with the Copenhagen Wheel, he's consistently riding again and loving every moment of it.

Eric with his Copenhagen Wheel e-bike

Try it, you're going to want it.


We caught up with Eric at his home in San Diego.

SP: Why did you get the Copenhagen Wheel?

Eric: My 30-mile round trip commute at the time. Prior to my latest job, I was commuting daily. There are a few miles of tough hills that I would dread on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes in the early morning, my motivation just wasn't there, and I would drive instead. When I first heard of the Copenhagen Wheel, I thought – this is the ideal solution! It has me consistently riding again, which is fantastic. It's a great innovation. I've had the Wheel since February, and I am constantly getting questions from other bikers while waiting at lights. Everyone is curious.

SP: What do people say when they see the Wheel?

Eric: People joke that it's cheating, but generally they are inquisitive and have many questions. They are really impressed that everything is contained in the Wheel, and that it interfaces with my iPhone.

SP: How has the Wheel changed your daily life?

Eric: I used to do a 15 mile ride to the train station to catch the train to work. My new job starts before the train arrives, so the morning route isn't an option anymore. So I'm doing the commute in reverse again. I take the train north along the coast, then a pleasant 15 mile ride to my home. Going home is generally uphill, so this is the greatest benefit of the Copenhagen Wheel. It takes the burn off the legs on the worst climbs. I'm 46 years old, and in great shape, but after a long day at work, the thought of that workout is sometimes intimidating and hard to get the motivation going. The Copenhagen Wheel solves this problem.

SP: Do you use your car less?

Eric: Yes. I’m commuting less by car.

SP: What's the Wheel like to ride?

Eric: It's a unique sensation. You will notice less fatigue and burn climbing hills. You won't notice the additional weight from the Wheel itself. If you commute often with hills, you're going to be happy. The pedal assist seamlessly kicks in when you start ascending. You won't really notice the Wheel other than when you reach the top of the hill and everyone around you is sweating and winded, and you aren't. You still have to work and you get the enjoyment of the bike ride, but the big hills is where the benefit is. If you try it, you’re going to want it.

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