Haley's story

Haley is a landscape architect living in the hills of San Francisco. She and her partner just bought a house in Bernal Heights, but she was very nervous about her single speed getting up the hills. Before she got the Wheel she had to walk her bike up the last few blocks – the hills were just too steep. Now, with the Wheel, she flies up those hills.

Haley and her partner with her Copenhagen Wheel

I felt like a kid


We met up with Haley in her home in Bernal Heights outside of San Francisco.

SP: Were you excited to get the Wheel?

Haley: Yes! I was so excited to get it because it's so sleek and matches the red of my bike. I'm also happy I didn't have to get a new bike – I love my single speed!

SP: Has the Wheel made a difference in your daily life?

Haley: I used to have to walk my bike up the last several blocks to get to my house, but I don't have to do that anymore and my commute is shorter.

SP: What's the riding experience like?

Haley: I tell people I can't recall the last time I've been amazed by technology in an age where we expect it to be good. But on my first ride I literally "wippied" with joy. I felt like a kid – it was so much fun!

SP: Do you get any comments about it?

Haley: A lot of people don't believe me that all of the technology is in the Wheel. They're always looking for the throttle... I try to pretend that it's really just me going that fast.

What hills?

Got hills? No more. Get the Copenhagen Wheel.