Jess' story

Jess is a retail consultant in San Francisco who loves designing and building things of all kinds. He likes zipping through traffic on his Trek bike and powering up hills as if they were flat. When he rides with the Copenhagen Wheel, he's giddy with joy.

Jess made his ebike by installing a Copenhagen Wheel on a Trek hybrid.

Jess put his Copenhagen wheel on a Trek that he loves

It's like being Superman on a bike.

We caught up with Jess at his shop in San Francisco.

SP: What made you fall for the Copenhagen Wheel?

Jess: It's my affordable Tesla: Excellent design – aesthetically, mechanically, digitally... I really like great mobility solutions and it's just SMART.  All things should be this SMART!

SP: How has the Wheel changed your daily life and the way you get around?

Jess: No parking. No traffic. No sweat!!! The Wheel makes trips up and over hills easier than going around them!  My Wheel straightened out my errand rides.  I'm giddy when riding my Copenhagen Wheel. But I don't "gloat-ride." This ain't a "show-off" Wheel – it's a smart Wheel I'm proud to ride responsibly.

SP: Do you use your car less now?

Jess: Uhh, yeah!

SP: What's the ride experience like?

Jess: It's like being Superman on a bike. And it's natural – no silly, clumsy throttle business. And safer: The Wheel makes stopping at stop signs a reasonable thing to do because you have no "start up cost" at every stop sign.  

SP: When people ask you about the Wheel, what do you tell them?

Jess: It's a completely natural bike riding experience, but with super strength starting out. You "jet" to cruising speed and then you glide along but still sense the reality and joy of pedaling. It doesn't go if you don't pedal, so there's an "honesty" to it. It has a speed limit, which is a good thing because there's a "responsibility" to it. And there are different modes you can change on the fly, so there's a "vanity" to it. How strong do you want to feel today? Right now? Go order one. Now!!

SP: How do people react when they see the Wheel? What’s the best reaction you’ve seen so far?

Jess: I get curious looks. They ask – Is that a special Wheel? The best response I've gotten so far is: "Hey! Is that for delivering pizza?”

Be Superman on a bike

Multiply your power 10X when you ride. Get the Copenhagen Wheel.