Lizzie's story

Lizzie is a young botanist from Oakland who loves plants and getting people excited about biodiversity and conservation. She was commuting two hours every day to work and was super stressed when she arrived. This took time away from being with her fiancée Charlotte and her dog Milkshake. To get that time back, she got a Copenhagen Wheel.

Lizzie with her Copenhagen Wheel

I put the Wheel on the bike I love


We met with Lizzie outside her office in San Francisco.

SP: Why did you get the Copenhagen Wheel?

Lizzie: To commute to work in Golden Gate Park from Oakland, I have to go over a massive hill, so I drove instead. I would spend about two hours in traffic and get to the office stressed out. The Copenhagen Wheel has given me the ability to commute on my bike again!

SP: What bike did you put the Wheel on?

Lizzie: My classic Bridgestone mountain bike. I love it. I love that I could build a powered bike by around my trusty commuter with the Wheel. My fiancée Charlotte rides with it sometimes, too.

SP: What are your rides like?

Lizzie: I travel along The Wiggle, a very popular bike route, on my ride through San Francisco to Golden Gate Park. Bikers and pedestrians always ask about the Wheel along the way. I love encouraging them to get the Wheel to make bike commuting more tangible.

SP: What's your life like with the Wheel?

Lizzie: I no longer have to drive!! The drive between Oakland and San Francisco is awful. Now instead of a two-hour drive in traffic, I get to be on my bike. I love it.

SP: So do you use your car less now?

Lizzie: Definitely! I ride my bike most days to work now.

SP: How would you describe the riding experience?

Lizzie: Huge hills and obstacles are flat! I get the best of biking: feeling a part of the city without the stress of worrying about making it up huge San Francisco hills.

Make uphill your downhill

Ride up hills like you're going downhill. And love every second of it. Get the Wheel today.