Mark's story

Mark is a mechanical engineer who lives in San Francisco. He has a penchant for all things mechanical, particularly electromechanical calculating machines from the 1960s. When he heard the Copenhagen Wheel could transform nearly any bike into a powered bike simply by replacing its back wheel, he was hooked.

Mark with his wife and Wheel

It was as simple as changing the Wheel


We met Mark in his home in San Francisco.

SP: Why did the Wheel catch your attention?

Mark: I was interested in it initially because I thought that it was a great idea to have a bicycle that you could convert into an electric bicycle without having to do a lot of wiring and setup. It was as simple as changing the Wheel.

SP: What kind of bike did you put the Wheel on?

Mark: My dark gray Masi. It looks amazing!

SP: What were some of the things you looked forward to with the Wheel?

Mark: That it would open up new parts of the city for me to explore.

SP: How has it changed getting around the city?

Mark: The Wheel has completely flattened my commute. It's taken hills and eliminated any grief I had trying to get up a hill at the end of the day.

SP: Do you drive less now?

Mark: I hate driving a car in San Francisco, but don't mind riding a bike. The only thing is that the hills are discouraging. The Copenhagen Wheel takes care of those now.

It's a pretty magical thing

Make your everyday ride a magical one. Get the Copenhagen Wheel.