The new Copenhagen Wheel

The ultimate riding companion

Love getting there

Whether you ride a bike every day or haven’t biked in years, the new Copenhagen Wheel will make you fall in love with bike riding all over again. It seamlessly enhances your movements to augment your pedal power up to 10X, creating an experience unlike anything you’ve ever had on a bike. You'll love every ride. Again and again.

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Bliss. On a bike

When you ride with the new Copenhagen Wheel, you don’t know where your body ends and the Wheel begins. You feel naturally stronger and faster. Sweat, headwinds, long distances, and hills all but disappear. You go farther in less time, with less effort, and can get to places where you would usually need a car.

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Adapts to you

The new Copenhagen Wheel adapts to your bike, body, lifestyle, and city. It amplifies your power and extends your range – no matter your age, physical ability, or riding experience.

No bike? No problem

The new Copenhagen Wheel is for everyone. Even if you don’t have a bike. Wheel + Bike gives you all the joy of the new Copenhagen Wheel, pre-installed on a bike of your choice.

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Invented at MIT, inspired by Copenhagen

The original prototype for the Copenhagen Wheel was invented at MIT’s SENSEable City Lab in partnership with the city of Copenhagen, one of the most innovative cities for biking.

The future of transportation is personal

Our mission is to develop new vehicles for personal transportation that offer compelling alternatives to the car. The new Copenhagen Wheel is just the beginning.

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